Argentina ZonaIndie picks most impressive songs


Recnetly, Music Alliance Pact member; Argentina ZonaIndie posted 5 most impressive songs from all new musics listed up during 2009.

Argentina ZonaIndie

Some time ago the MAP network turned one, so we’re already able to put together a ranking with the issues that we liked most of the posts published during the year 2009, excluding of course to ourselves that we selected for each edition. They can listen and download items from the list below (after all we are going to upload a file, but we are having problems with Internet connection). As always, we invite you to share your favorites in the comments.

Emmy The Great

Here are song lists and juke box that you can enjoy anytime.

Emmy The Great – We Almost Had A Baby (mp3)
Rana Santacruz – Cajita De Barro (mp3)
Sirkus Bjover – Heavy Metal (mp3)
LAY LOW – Last Time Around (mp3)
Two White Horses – Good Times Are Gone Forever (mp3)

Also please remember Japanese new music that Jpoplover chose in 2009. thanks.

LITE – The Sun Sank

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