HiGE [hi:gae]

Hailing from the constantly evolving city of Tokyo is the equally, ever-evolving dual drummer quintet known as HiGE (pronounced hi-gae). The name translates from the Japanese word for “Beard” or “Mustache”, which might possibly explain why many a bearded man appear in so much of HiGE’s artwork and imagery.

The musical output of HiGE is quite an exquisite merger of disparaging sounds, at times uplifting, kitschy and primitive, at others it maintains the moodiness of psychedelia in pleasant contrast to the best hooks from alternative styled classics. Simply put, HiGE might very well be a fine anthemic merger where the Beatlesque meets the Nirvanaesque, yet firmly grounded in the world of the 21st century.

Hige available @iTunes Music Store worldwide

# members
Yuki Saito (Guitar & Piano)
Hisashi Suto (Vocal & Guitar)
Tomoyuki Miyakawa (Bass)
Hirotoshi Filipo Kawasaki (Drums & Percussion)
Koichi Koteisui Sato (Percussion & Drums)


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