Space Invaders

Ego-Wrappin’ released new EP, BRAND NEW DAY / love scene July 7 and for Promotion, Ego-Wrappin’ launches Retro classic videogame “Space Invaders”. It’s Free Online Game.

This Space Invaders game is syndicated to Twitter API. When select Free mode, Space Invaders are Twitter Favicons who tweet “EGO-WRAPPIN” on twitter. We shooting white goo at a rampaging invasion of wobbling Twitter Favicon blobs. It’s funny that each favicon hum the tweet that includes “EGO-WRAPPIN”. In other playing mode, when select twitter follower mode, you login twitter, and use connection with your twitter, Your twitter followers get to be Space Invaders. It’s a simple game with simple graphics. The more Your twitter followers you shoot, the faster the remaining followers move. If they get too close, it’s game over — so shoot quick. Check it out! and try EGO-WRAPPIN Space Invader.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders – designed and programmed by Toshihiro Nishikado for Taito, Japan in 1978 and remains one of the most popular arcade games ever made.

EGO-WRAPPIN’- BRAND NEW DAY (LIVE 2010.07.11 hibiya yaon)



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