SEBASTIAN X Ustreams Release Party



How you spend hot summer time?

Japanese Indie Alternative POP band, SEBASTIAN X releases New Album (2nd mini album); Bokurano Fantasy on August 4. They Ustreams the upcoming new album listening party on friday July 23. It starts at 21:30 +9:00 Tokyo Time. The whole songs from new album will be streamed on Ustreams.

You can catch her on her Ustream channel at
#sebastianx is hush tag on twitter.

The day, July 23 is also SEBASTIAN X’s female vocalist, Manatsu Nagahara 23rd birthday. You should really come see her and Celebrate her birthday.

SEBASTIAN X Live schedule

July 25. Shibuya LUSH
August 11. Mannaka Hiroba, Mie
August 12. Sakata music factory
August 13. Sendai PARK SQUARE
August 14. Shimokitazawa BASEMENT BAR, Tokyo
August 21. Kichigeorge WARP, Tokyo – SEBASTIAN X Oneman Live
September 5. Kichigeorge WARP, Tokyo
September 7. Shinjuku MARZ
September 11. Shinjuku LOFT / Shinjuku MARZ / Shinjuku MOTION
September 17. Nagoya Rock’n Roll (with Owarikara)
September 18. Kyoto nano (with Owarikara)
September 19. Kobe Helluva Lounge (with Owarikara)

Bokurano Fantasy


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