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How you spend hot summer time?

Japanese Indie Alternative POP band, SEBASTIAN X releases New Album (2nd mini album); Bokurano Fantasy on August 4. They Ustreams the upcoming new album listening party on friday July 23. It starts at 21:30 +9:00 Tokyo Time. The whole songs from new album will be streamed on Ustreams.

You can catch her on her Ustream channel at
#sebastianx is hush tag on twitter.

The day, July 23 is also SEBASTIAN X’s female vocalist, Manatsu Nagahara 23rd birthday. You should really come see her and Celebrate her birthday.

SEBASTIAN X Live schedule

July 25. Shibuya LUSH
August 11. Mannaka Hiroba, Mie
August 12. Sakata music factory
August 13. Sendai PARK SQUARE
August 14. Shimokitazawa BASEMENT BAR, Tokyo
August 21. Kichigeorge WARP, Tokyo – SEBASTIAN X Oneman Live
September 5. Kichigeorge WARP, Tokyo
September 7. Shinjuku MARZ
September 11. Shinjuku LOFT / Shinjuku MARZ / Shinjuku MOTION
September 17. Nagoya Rock’n Roll (with Owarikara)
September 18. Kyoto nano (with Owarikara)
September 19. Kobe Helluva Lounge (with Owarikara)

Bokurano Fantasy


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Sakanaction new single, Identity


Sakanaction, a Rising-up Unique JPOP Band with Techno Electronica taste and Rock’n Roll will release new single CD “Identity” on August 4 and have Nippon Budokan Liveshow in October. It sounds Electrol Rock that inspires futurism.


July 7, Sakanaction pre-release digitally new single; Identity on iTunes music store Japan. It keeps the electro sound as its base and yet with a new taste of Latin beat. Sakanaction new single; Identity actually breaks out the iTunes music store chart. Identity ranks at the No.7 position today.

July 9, Ichiro Yamaguchi, the vocalist for Sakanaction appears the Ustream program called “discord”, talk show. Identity music video unveils there. Wow!! It starts at 22:00 (tokyo time +9:00) July 9 Friday.

USTREAM “discord” will be on

Tune it on and Enjoy tomorrow…..


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Tomoyasu Hotei LIVE Ustreams July 9

Tomoyasu Hotei

Known as a composer of the theme song of the movie – KILL BILL and Super Guitar player, Tomoyasu Hotei’s live stage of “Fukkatsusai” (Revival Festival) Ustreams on 7/9 (Friday) from Zepp Tokyo in full cooperation of MySpace. It scheduled to Start at 19:30 (tokyo time +9:00)

USTREAM broadcasting will be on

Tune it on and Enjoy tomorrow…..

Tomoyasu Hotei – Thrill


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LITE Ustream July 6


Tokyo Instrumental MathRock Band, LITE starts Asian Live Tour today. During these live tour, LITE will Ustream live show from The Wall, Taipei, Taiwan on July 6. It is scheduled to ustream at 10:00 PM (Taiwan time)

LITE “Asian Tour 2010”
7/2(fri) Singapore – Home Club
7/3(sat) Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia – Bentley Music Auditorium
7/4(sun) Kaoshiung,Taiwan – The Wall
7/6(tue) Taipei,Taiwan – The Wall


LITE New Album called ILLUMINATE (5 tracks included) gets the LIGHT on 7th July. In this album, LITE adds synthesizer, percussion and chorus to their soundscape. And tries mixture of the music essence such as rock, progressice rock, postrock, shoegaze, electronica and jazz.

LITE ILLUMINATE 2010.07.07 Release
RDCP-1005/I Want The Moon
02,Image Game
03,On The Mountain Path
05,100 Million Rainbows

LITE Buy LITE tracks at iTunes
Buy LITE mp3s at HearJapan

#Check this New Video!!
LITE – Image Game


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0606 J-rock day – MUCC, Plastic Tree, Aoi, Girugamesh, LC5


Jpoplover dares to introduce that On June 6, Sync Music Japan and MySpace Japan Ustreams VIS-kei live event “NEXUS; J-ROCK GOES TO THE WORLD” featuring Aoi (the vocalist of ayabie), LC5 (a mysterious project band by artists who are experienced overseas), girugamesh, Plastic Tree and MUCC. Ustream begins at 17:00 6/6 (Sun) +9:00 Tokyo Time.

2010.06.06(sun) at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST
Plastic Tree




First Time to Introduce J-rock to the World
via USTREAM by Japanese Music Organization !

“Sync Music Japan,” a project by JAME, MPA and FMP, is broadcasting a live event via USTREAM on 6/5 (Sat) and 6/6 (Sun) A major project to help Japanese artists to reach out to the world is now in full gear.“Sync Music Japan,” a project organized by JAME, MPA and FMP in order to expand the Japanese music market to a global scale, is broadcasting a live event ‘NEXUS (organized by the NEXUS Executive Committee)’ via USTREAM on MySpace on 6/5 (Sat) and 6/5 (Sun). The lineup includes 16 units and artists in total. This is the very first time for a music organization to use USTREAM to broadcast an event live. SYNC MUSIC JAPAN will continue to encourage overseas promotion with such project to enthusiastically introduce Japanese artists to the world.


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cutman-booche ustream Three consecutive nights



Japanese bluesy rock band, cutman-booche will Ustream private listening party live on 3 consecutive nights from May 26 to 28. Each Ustream starts at 21:30 +9:00 Tokyo Time.

You can catch cutman-booche and 2 guys on Ustream channel at

May 26, at first night, Keisuke from Ulfles excitingly joins as a guest. And cutman-booche Ustream the whole songs from new album, Hello?. May 27, Music reviewer; Shoichi Miyake and cutman-booche talk hot in Japanese about their forthcomming album, Hello?. May 27, last night cutman-booche invites Kei Iwasaki as a guest, and Ustream the very whole tracks from new album, Hello?. cutman-booche forthcomming Album Hello? gets the light on June 23.

On July cutman-booche will start live tour; boosoul 2010-SUMMER!
「Hello, Are you there ?」TOUR
16 july – Osaka club Quattro with Analogue Fish, SEBASTIAN X
18 july – Tokyo daikanyama Unit with Takeuchi Denki, MOWMOW LULU GYABAN
19 July – Nagoya APPORO THEATER with Sekaiichi, SuiseiNoboAz


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Misako Odani #ustream Wednesday night


Misako Odani

Japanese Female SSW, Misako Odani whose sounds like Lilith Fair
will again Ustream private talk show live on Wednesday night May 19
at 22:00 +9:00 Tokyo Time.

You can catch her on her Ustream channel at

For live talk show, Tom Tamada (Drum) and Hiroo Yamaguchi (Bass)
from Misako Odani Trio members will join there.
She will be featuring her brand new album; Koto no Ha, that was
out last week.


Misako Odani’s KOTONO HA live tour 2010
July 20th Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO
July 21st Osaka CLUB QUATTRO
July 27th Tokyo Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE

Misako Odan – SENRO

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